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Physiotherapy For Headaches & Migraine

headacheHeadache is one of the most common illnesses around Australia, with nearly 15 percent of us using painkillers for a headache at any given moment. Since headaches are so widespread, a lot of us believe they’re just a perfect part of life. Nonetheless, a continuous headache is really a sign that something is wrong. The consistent use of pain killers to combat headaches is similar to taking off the forewarning light that signals you to a problem with your car! Medication doesn’t cure your headache, it just provides a brief strategy to lower the pain.


Tension headaches and migraine are considered the most common types of headache and cluster headaches are most unusual . More kinds of headache are sinus headache, rebound headache in addition to exertion headache.


Headaches can be due to a range of factors like tension, bad pose, accidental injuries, medications, environmental factors such as powerful smells & pollution and eating issues. Probably the most neglected cause for migraine and stress headache is because of nerve irritation in the upper neck as a result of improperly functioning spinal joints – Physiotherapists refer to this as Vertebral dysfunction. Mainly because the nerves of the upper neck supply areas of the scalp and face, irritation to these nerves can naturally bring about headache.


Your Physiotherapist would meticulously examine probable headache triggers and conduct a detailed history, orthopaedic, neurological in addition to spinal evaluation to discover the reason for your headache. Additional diagnostic testing for instance XRay or MRI might also be essential. After reaching at a specific diagnosis, your Physiotherapy care can begin.


Physiotherapy can be an extremely efficient remedy for headaches. By precisely restoring proper motion to the spinal joints of the neck, your Physiotherapist is able to considerably lessen the existence of nerve irritation and muscle tension helping to minimize the cause of your headaches. Please contact us to arrange your comprehensive headache assessment and begin your journey towards living a life without headaches! We look forward to hearing from you!

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