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Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries

sports-injuriesThe physiotherapists at Greensborough have a wealth of experience in the clinical diagnosis and treatment of such injuries and no matter what level of sporting you complete in, everyone will be treated equally as our aim is to provide the best care supported by the latest evidence based practice. Should you have suffered from a sporting injury in the past or are currently injured, call our friendly reception staff for an appointment.

Muscle Injury

Some injuries which are common to the world of physiotherapists are muscle strains and or tears. Muscles can be traumatically damaged when a limb is overstretched beyond its normal length whilst under a heavy load. Typically this causes pain, swelling and discomfort and renders the athlete immobile for a period of time. As well as manual therapy, a structured rehabilitation program allows a quick return to sport and reduces the risk of re-injury.

Ligament Injury

Ligaments are strong fibrous structures which attach bone to bone generally can be damaged when there is a sharp change in direction without the support of the musculoskeletal system. They are also at times involved in overuse injuries. The have an important role in joint stability and balance so identification and treatment of cause is vital in restoring normal movement.

Tendon Injury

Tendons the continuation of muscles and generally attach to a bone causing limbs to move. Acute injuries to tendons are less common, typically damaged with overuse type activities. Common tendon overuse injuries occur in the elbow (tennis elbow), shoulder and Achilles’ tendon of which physiotherapy plays an important role in both the acute and long term healing of such structures. Treatment can be quite complex and specific so please contact our physiotherapists for assistance.

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