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Clinical Pilates

Clinical Pilates

Originally by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900s, it was once called Chrontology. By the 1960 it was popular in use for rehabilitation, general fitness and ballet dancers and was renamed Pilates after Joseph. In recent years Pilates has been utilised successfully as the basis of physiotherapy rehabilitation, known as clinical Pilates. It still is a popular method of training for performance improvement in sports where core stability and correct movement is essential. Pilates programs at Greensborough Physiotherapy Clinic are individualised to the patient. Whether you are recovering from a recent injury, after chronic disease management or seeking enhanced core stability for performance we will tailor your program for you.

Individual and Classes

We typically run between one and three individual sessions with each participant before they then book in to a class of up to 4 participants to one physio. Program changes are made as progression occurs and total new programs require a further individual session.

The equipment

We have 3 reformers, trapeze table, barrel, mats, rollers, balls, discs, bands and cable/free weights. Most of our classes are based on reformer and trapeze tables.

Home Programs

Home programs can also be formulated so participants can continue their core training at home to augment what is gained in class.

How Does It Work?

Traditionally the core muscles are considered to be the deepest layer of muscles around the lower back and pelvis. Dysfunction of these muscles occurs with pain and injury. Persistent dysfunction can be a contributing factor as to why some injuries become chronic problems. Pilates educates and retrains stabilising muscles at various points in your body to help restore your active stability. Each program is individually progressed according to the specific needs of each person. We also aim to integrate what you learn with us into a program that can be managed in a gym/training/home situation. A rebate is available through private health on your individual or group classes.

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