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Cycling Physiotherapy

Cycling is a sport with many cumulative forces on affecting the entire body. Treatable problems associated to riding include neck pain, headaches, shoulder girdle pain, hand pain/numbness, lower back pain, hip pain, knee pain, hamstring pain, thigh pain, achilles pain and foot pain/numbness. Correct treatment of these requires a physiotherapist who thoroughly understands them and how they relate to your time on the bike.

Fitting a cyclist to their bike can be as important as fitting the bike to the cyclist. Correct knowledge of the contributing factors to each injury are essential as they tend to influence the pedal stroke and can be the cause of the problem but not necessary the direct painful area. Minor non-optimal aberrations in movement are significant when multiplied by the 32400 weekly pedal strokes each limb for a 6-7h per week cyclist.

At Greensborough Physiotherapy Clinic, Adam is keen to help you out with any cycling related concerns, consult on bike position, get you riding regularly pain free and therefore faster than before. Adam’s cycling love includes everything from downhill mountain biking to road cycling. He enjoys participating in all of these personally so it is a great passion of his to help a fellow cyclist professionally.

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